Attention Parents of Students, and Students:

How to Graduate College Debt-Free...With a Career You LOVE... While Saving $492,000! 


(Our family saved $492,000 and graduated with MBA's, Finance, Law and Journalism Degrees)

College is Expensive.


And often Debt-ridden. 

Meet Rachel. When we became friends, she had just graduated college - with $60,000 of debt! 


The worst part? She had just accepted a job that paid her $32,000. For the next 3 years, she paid the minimum amounts, kept that $32,000 job, and lived on ramen noodles to keep her going. 


I'll never forget the day she told me that she had met the love of her life. We were sitting in a cafe, sipping on our lattes (I paid) and she told me the truth, "I love him, but I feel like I've already ruined the first year of our marriage. What is he going to do when he finds out how much debt I'm in? How much debt we'll be in - all because of me?" 


I listened with a pit in my stomach, knowing the struggle they were going to endure because of the choices she made in high school and college... flip-flopping between majors, expensive housing, not getting enough scholarships... all the classic college mistakes. 


I couldn't stop thinking, "If only I could've met her 5 years ago... she could've graduated debt free and saved herself so much needless pain and suffering..."  


But what can you do at that point? Her college story was over, the only thing left was to pay off her $60,000 of debt. 


I vowed in that moment to make sure that no one else had to live that way. Not on my watch. Never again. 


I knew it was time to share what my family had learned... what we teach our wealth management clients... how to hack the education system, save $475,922 and counting, graduate early, and get started on a successful life!


The same tips and tricks that the college system doesn't want you to know - but that set you and your family up for financial success.  


Can't WAIT to tell you more! 

Hi, I'm Ellen.

I'm so excited to meet you -  and talk to you about college hacking! I PERSONALLY know how much it can change your life because it's changed mine. Our system allowed me to start college with 30 credits and paved the way for my full-ride scholarship... graduating debt-free in the process! I can't wait to share what I've learned and how it can help YOU and your family graduate debt-free.  


But just in case you think it's only about the money... it's NOT!  Implementing our college hacking system opened the door for possibilities I'd never even dreamed could happen. I've been able to travel the world, study abroad in different countries, and ENJOY my career  because I used my time in high school to GET AHEAD.


Now I've dedicated my time to helping you and your family get ahead too! Check out our system below to find out how YOU can make this a possibility too =) 



Our "Exit College Debt-Free" Program!


Exit College Debt-Free is our family's system of secrets - the tips, tricks and hacks we used to graduate early, save thousands every year, and achieve career success after college - the same system families around the U.S. are using to set their kids free too! 

You Should Keep Reading IF...


The perfect time to start working on college and career success is from 7th grade to the end of Junior year in High School... the earlier you get started the better! 


If you make too much money to receive substantial government aid, you know that means college is coming out of your family's wallet. Our mission is to save you time, money, and ultimately, the stress that comes from earning a college education! 


If  you don't your kids saddled with debt... or wasting their time in college on useless majors...then keep reading. Our system helps your kids be successful in college and the real world beyond it!

  • This System is Powerful

    We built it as a repeatable system that works for any family - no matter the intellectual level of your kids or the amount of money you have or haven't saved for college. 


    We help you create your own roadmap to a better way - easier, faster, and with more money left in your pocket! 

  • This System is Practical

    We've included everything you need to take action TODAY. No time to waste!  

  • This System is Proven

    This isn't guesswork or high and mighty "ideas." This is our PROVEN system. It's our personal experience and hands-on knowledge that we've implemented for over 15 years... in our family and beyond! 


(The Fundamentals to Hacking College)


Find Your Career

Only 27% of college grads use their degree after college. What a waste! We make your child understands his/her unique giftings, strengths, and weaknesses... before choosing a specific career path. 

Hack College Credit

Colleges are BUSINESSES. Which means they want you to PAY as much as possible and your child to STAY as long as possible! Working with us, you'll hack a year of college at least - saving time and LOADS of money.

Win Free Money

Every year, $46 BILLION DOLLARS in grants and scholarships is up for grabs - we give you a step by step guide for making sure some of that goes into your family's pocket!

A Look Inside...

How our program will jumpstart you to success! 

  • 7 Week Program

    Our 7 week process breaks down the tips and tricks you need to be successful - with everything you need to make starting today as easy as possible!  

  • 15 In-Depth Interviews 

    We sit down and discuss all the burning questions running through your mind about the college process - finances, majors, colleges, SAT testing... everything you need to be successful!

  • 17 Worksheet Videos

    We custom built worksheets so you never lose track of where you are and what the next step is to help your child graduate debt-free. 

  • 1x Live Call/Week! 

    You get 8 weeks of access to us personally - which means you get to ask us anything you want LIVE! We're here to make sure this WORKS for you! 

  • Private FaceBook Group

    We're a community of families helping each other! Inside our Facebook Community, you can ask any question you’d like, hear tips/tricks from other families, laugh, focus, connect, and WIN.

  • 7 Day/Wk Support

    We are here to help! You'll be able to touch base with us whenever you need for moral support, help blasting through those roadbloacks, or anything you need to help your child be a success. 

Check out a snapshot of the program!


Setting Your Kids Up For Success -

(How to Maximize Your Networks to Provide Unique Opportunities) 

Impact of Student Loans After College - (Why Your Child Will Be Ahead of 70% of other College Graduates) 

Funding vehicles,  Finances, and More...

(The Pros/Cons to Using UTMAs, 529 plans & Regular Investment Vehicles)

Choosing a Major and a Career 

(Helping Your Child Discover Their Gifts and Choose A Major They Love)

The Secrets of Hacking  One Year of College

(How to Get 30 Credits or More Of College Done in High School!)

Crushing the SAT & ACT - Prep & Test Tips (Study Guidelines, Links to Our Favorite Test Prep Sites, and MORE) 

Create Your College Roadmap

(Organize and Customize Your Hacking Plan) 

How to Win Scholarships

(Tips on Interviewing & Writing Winning Essays) 

How to Thrive in College

(Jobs, Apartments, Traveling, and MORE!) 

What do college hacking gurus and elite families know that others don't? 

Our Exit College Debt-Free program gives you the inside secrets including...


  • The changes that incentivize your child to graduate debt free 
  • Our student debt calculator - so your child understands the true cost of college, student loans, and how to avoid debt
  • How to help direct your child into the right major and career that works exclusively with their unique giftings, strengths, and personal interests
  • A quantitative assessment to grade the colleges your child is interested in - instead of just choosing the one that "feels" right 
  • The red flags to watch out for when signing up for college classes - don't ignore these! 
  • The 3 most common invisible scripts that hinder advanced college hacking — and your family's ultimate happiness
  • How to win scholarships and essay contests so you can get as much free money as possible 
  • Why the key levers of college hacking are also the keys to success in life 

And that's just a sample of the insights you'll receive!!


If you're ready to make the leap into advanced college hacking, schedule a time for us to "meet"! We promise to help you understand where you are now, what you need to do to take the next step, why it's important to be ahead of the game, and how to actually make it happen.

Chat with Ellen!

30 min call to answer all your questions... and find the perfect fit for you and your family.


We'll talk through your concerns, figure out where you are currently, and then offer you the chance to either jump on board with us, or give you other resources to help your family take the next step to graduating college debt-free! 

Meet Your Guides

The Long Family

Randy Long, JD, CFP®

Randy is our dad, father of 5 kids, and husband to Lydia. He owns a law firm, wealth management firm, and exit planning firm. He started it all by funding his education and life debt-FREE.

Ellen Long, MBA, CFP®

You've already met me! I  love education and travel, so I got a full-ride scholarship to college so I could fund my MBA, CFP, and my "trekking the world" habit.


Total Money Hacked: $62,000 

Micah Long, Law Grad

Micah decided to college hack so he could jump on an elevator to law school. He graduated college in 2 1/2 years with a finance degree, got married, finished law school as valedictorian... all before age 23!  We call him our extreme college hacker because he paid $15,000 TOTAL for college and law school. 


Total Money Hacked: $271,000 



Jonathan Long

Johnny just started his freshmen year of college! He's already got 30 credits under his belt, and plans to graduate with an engineering degree in 3 years. In the meantime... he'll be surfing. 


Total Money Hacked (so far): $30,000 

Don't think it's worth it to sit down and chat with us? Take it from our friend Mark - one conversation could mean over $273,045 to your family. 

It has saved our family $475,922 (and counting) and given us a financially free lifestyle that we built together. 


And that's why we're so passionate about this! We put our heart and soul into this program...

...because it creates winners. 


High schoolers that finish our program know what it takes to be successful. And we LOVE that. 


When they're done, they know how to be a top interviewer that wins every job, how to study smart in high school and beyond, and how to manage their money like true, responsible adults.. 


...even how to be an exceptional leaders in their community. 


But this program isn't for everyone. It's for families who are COMMITTED.  Families that understand that success takes WORK. Families who want to win TOGETHER. 


Which is why we want to talk to you first, to make sure this is an absolute right-fit for you and your family. 


If you're ready to help your child be a success, click the link and schedule a time to talk with Ellen. 


By the end of our call together, we promise to invite you into the program, or supply you with resources for a better alternative. 


We're here to make sure you WIN. 


Schedule a time below!


Are you ready to create a family of winners?

Chat with Ellen!

30 min call to answer all your questions... and find the perfect fit for you and your family.


We'll talk through your concerns, figure out where you are currently, and then offer you the chance to either jump on board with us, or give you other resources to help your family take the next step to graduating college debt-free! 

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